Did you see the Cosmo Magazine feature on our custom GOLD leaf tattoos?
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Mary Louise Parker body painted for Fortune Magazine Cocoa body painted by NYC Body Art Flight of the Conchord body painting Time Out New York Body Painting                
Fortune Magazine hired NYC Body Art to body paint actress Mary Louise Parker of HBO's highly acclaimed "Weeds" series for their magazine.  The fabulous Coco was a pleasure to paint and work with on this shoot. Although I didn't get to paint him, Ice-T was nice too. See some more images in this video.
Flight of the Conchords
HBO TV Series
, 2008, Body Paint
Actress Halley Feiffer had to be body painted to
match the existing wallpaper on the set.
If you look closely you can see the chalk
outline to help position her.
Time Out New York Magazine
Cover photo by Warren Gallery
Cover body paint by RoByn Thompson of  NYCBodyArt.Com
Flags of Russia, China, Sweden and Turkey were body painted on the model for the Spa Issue
Flight of the Conchords Body Painting Body painting for Ecko Fashion Show Belly Painting Featured by Time Magazine Tiger body painting for PETA
Flight of the Conchords,
HBO TV Series
, 2009,
Body Paint

Director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Be Kind Rewind) had a concept for part of a music video in the Flight of the Conchords episode, Unnatural Love.
He sent us the sketch of his concept. The photo is our execution.  Video of the actors practicing movements The music video
nycbodyart.com body painted for 
Ecko Unltd. at the Magic Fashion Trade show.
Click on the photo to see more of what we did in Vegas.
 Time Magazine  featured some of the pregnant bellies that I painted in a photo feature! Click on the image to go to Time.com's article. AMNY Newspaper clipping of a model  we painted for a PETA protest in Times Square.
Body Painting for the Latina Karma Sutra Body painting on the Tyra Banks Show Converse Hi Top Body Painting Abstract Art Body Painting
The Latina Kama Sutra
nycbodyart.com  provided the body painting 
artwork for the cover  and interior images for 

Click on the cover to go to www.latinakamasutra.com
Tyra Banks Show,
"Tava Promotion", 2008, Body Paint
My team did these body painting for Tava, an ill-fated Pepsi product. The body paint designs were based on the product artwork. We had to incorporate the product graphics & work around the bathing suits. The designs had to modified on the fly because we were allowed one less painter than originally planned for and we, of course, had less time to paint than originally planned for. It all worked out fine. We're used to being adaptable. The client was delighted. Life is good.
Video here!
My original Converse Chuck Taylor Design.
Done on spec, never actually used. :(
Are you an artist who makes large non-representative/abstract works?

(if you're not, you can also click here to see images from my new 'artists and their works' series...)
NJ Savy Magazine Pregnant Belly Painting Luna Parc Body Painting Night Club Body Painting
The cover story "75+ party ideas" features us at # 10 as "DRESS TO THRILL"      
Forget couture. 
Turn your body into a canvas and enjoy the reaction of your guests. Body artist RoByn Thompson has transformed hosts into jesters for Mardi Gras parties and painted pregnant bellies for baby showers. A full body canvas takes about three hours and surprisingly relaxing.  "The brushes and sponges feel like a massage," Thompson says. Body artists can also paint temporary glitter and gold leaf tattoos. Think of it as body bling."- NJ Savvy Magazine 02/06 issue.
nycbodyart.com painted a pregnant belly for a Japanese TV morning show. See more bellies at  Pregnant Belly Painting .com We were thrilled to be allowed to shoot at Luna Parc, 
the amazing 
home and workspace of artistic genius Ricky Boscarino. 

Click on the image to view nycbodyart.com's images from the Luna Parc Shoot
nycbodyart's body paint fashion show was a hit! 

Click on the card for photos of the show.